Hungarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest

Hungarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest

The HUNGARIAN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA BUDAPEST counts today without doubt among the finest orchestras within its country, well known for its excellent recordings and concert tours.

The origins of the orchestra go back to 1907, when the Hungarian Post founded a symphony orchestra. This orchestra soon became one of the major orchestras in Hungary. It had its own concert and rehearsal hall, a regular concert series in Budapest and has recorded a great number of CDs.

In 2007, the funding of the Orchestra was dramatically reduced. As a result of this, the management and the majority

of those musicians who had left, decided to continue their work with private and public funding under the name HUNGARIAN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA BUDAPEST.

Studio recordings and CD-Productions are meanwhile an important part of the orchestras work, beside concerts and tours abroad.

Severall smaller chamber-ensemble (Strings, woodwind- and brass-ensembles) operate within the 75 member of this symphony orchestra and do so enforce the quality of the orchestra.

Due to its very special history, the HUNGARIAN SYMPONY ORCHESTRA BUDAPEST is today one of the few orchestras, which continue the flexibility of a studio orchestra with the musical homogeneity and ensemble-playing of a symphony orchestra.

During the past few years, the orchestra has recorded some highly acclaimed film music scores for movies in the USA (e.g.« Coraline », « Yes Virginia »), France and Germany. It works regularly together with production companies like JWT in New York and OSF Productions in Paris, and it has recorded CDs with classical repertoire for the labels Naxos, Marco Polo and UNIVERS.